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Dixon's Church Antiques
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Dixon Studio maintains a select inventory of quality religious art,
including these framed works of art.

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Assumption Oratory

enamel on porcelain in wooden shuttered frame



The Return from Calvary

tinted print, framed



Faith Hope and Charity

Gothic stained glass window design, framed



St. Joseph Altar Design

original watercolor on paper, framed



Sistine Madonna Engraving

engraving by Eduard Mandel after Raphael, framed



Women at the Tomb

oil on canvas, framed



Christ Heals the Sick

original stained glass design, pencil & ink on paper, framed



The Annunciation

original stained glass design, framed



Salvator Mundi with Peter & Paul

color print of stained glass design, framed

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Eucharistic items available for purchase only by
clergy, churches, and religious institutions.
Dixon Studio reserves the right to restrict or decline
any sales it deems inappropriate.

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